How To Set Up A Portable Basketball Hoop [info Graphics]

Setting Up A Portable Basketball Hoop

Portable Basketball Hoops are the most common type of used nowadays. Because of its easy assembling and disassembling people like to prefer it over another hoop (especially In-Ground Basketball Hoop). A Portable Basketball Hoop comes in Three Pieces. The Pole, Backboard, and The Portable Base. All of these parts are easy to assemble with each […]

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Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard- Review

Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball system

Lifetime 90023 is a famous Portable Hoop with a huge 44-inch backboard. Lifetime 90023 Portable Basketball System includes a 44″ x 30″ x 2″ Acrylic Fusion backboard (with pro glass look) which is virtually unbreakable. The backboard is really tough and gives a professional look because of its huge size and glass look. It is included on one of […]

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Swimline 9162 Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game Review

Swimlune 9162 Super Hoops Floating Basketball game

These modern times of technology are making your children enslaved and bound to technology. Those children who should be playing outside are involved in tablets and computer which is definitely not good for their growth. It is parents’ foremost duty to guide them more towards sports instead of becoming slave to these things. Swimline 9162 […]

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Spalding NBA Street Basketball – Review, Details, Pros And Cons

Spalding NBA Street Basketball

Whether they are the professionals or streets players, the ball which a sensible basketball player prefer is Spalding NBA Street Basketball. A ball which is durable has standard weight and size and is very economical. The ball weighs only 1.7 pounds which are the standard weight while you playing a match or for practice. The […]

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